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International Public Association of the Faithful

International Public Association of the Faithful


Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

The World Apostolate of Fatima wishes you Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year, full of God’s peace and joy, under the loving care of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima. 

Fatima New Pastoral Year for 2018/2019

The Shrine of Fatima, on the 1st of December, presented the theme for the new pastoral year 2018/2019. The chosen theme is: “Time of grace and mercy: to give thanks to pilgrimage in Church”.

The session started with the opening of the new temporary exhibition dedicated to the centennial of the construction of the little chapel of the apparitions. This exhibition can be visited until October 15th, 2019, on the lower level of the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Rector of the Shrine, Fr. Carlos Cabecinhas, introduced the theme by emphasizing that during this year we shall reflect more on the experience of being Church, a pilgrim Church and on the meaning of the pilgrimage itself. In 2019, there will be the celebration of two centenaries that are quite relevant in the context of the Shrine of Fatima and its mission: the 100 years of the construction of the little chapel of the apparitions and also the centennial of the death of Saint Francisco Marto, on April 4th, 2019.

New Member’s Pledges

The WAF International Secretariat, based in Fatima, collects the Pledges of new members of the World Apostolate of Fatima from around the world, including those who register online through

At the end of the year, these Pledges are solemnly placed at the feet of Our Lady of Fatima, in the Little Chapel of the Apparitions. This is a symbolic act that comes from the early days of the movement and is carried out ever since as a way to entrust each new member’s life into the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, asking for protection and perseverance in their commitment to live and promote the Fatima message.

In December, on the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, the Secretariat took the pledges to the Shrine of Fatima and had a moment of prayer at the Chapel of the Apparitions, reciting the Rosary for all Apostolate members, in particular those who have enrolled during the present year. The Pledges and prayer petitions were placed at the exact spot where Our Lady appeared to the three little shepherds, in 1917.

European Regional Congress

The World Apostolate of Fatima, region of Europe, is planning to have its third regional Congress in 2019.

The first was in the Czech Republic, the second in Portugal and this third one might take place in Germany, from the 2nd to the 6th    of June. The exact venue for the congress is not defined yet but, if in Germany, the organizers are planning to hold it in Fulda, the nearest town to St. Petersberg where the World Apostolate of Fatima Germany has its national centre.

The meeting’s purpose is to bring leaders and members of the Fatima Apostolate in Europe for formation and for presentation of reports about the status of the movement in Europe. At the same time, this will help to define strategies for improving the mission of promoting the Message of Fatima in Europe and for helping people to a deeper understanding of its relevance for today’s society. There will be conferences, workshops, celebrations and a pilgrimage.

Although the Congress is not confirmed yet, if you are interested to participate, please e-mail the International Secretariat at:

World Youth Day in Panama

In January 2019, Panama hosts the World Youth Day with the presence of the Holy Father. The World Youth Day (WYD) is an encounter of young people from around the world usually celebrated every three years. The event allows young people to experience the universality of the Church and in sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.

The central theme of this event in Panama will be: “I am the servant of the Lord”, bringing to it a Marian dimension. The World Apostolate of Fatima is planning to participate and use this opportunity to share the message of Fatima with thousands of young people. The first Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, enthroned in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Fatima-Portugal, will travel to Panamá to be present at this event, from 22 to 27th January.

There is going to be a pre-journey for all youngsters from the 16th to the 21st January 2019. This will include also a special retreat day on the Message of Fatima organised by the WAF in Panama and a Marian Festival. This week, several cultural and evangelical activities will be held in the community where pilgrims will be accommodated.

The other days, from the 22nd to 27th, there will be various other activities, such as: Opening Mass, reception of the Holy Father, Via crucis, Feast of Forgiveness, Vocation Fair, Concerts, Catechesis, Cultural Activities And the Vigil with the Mass of Sending presided over by the Pope.

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